I will be honest with you. I did not pay much attention to Physics at school. I vaguely remember it as a set of useless laws and purely hypothetical train problems. As a teenager I thought that if  kinematics laws had not helped to solve the real life problem of delayed trains in Poland, Physics must be utterly useless. It was the first class in Arduino that made me reconsider my troubled relationship with Physics. It turned out that learning C++ is not enough to sail through the course in electronics and make my final project. I had to revise basics of electronics, Ohm’s laws, power equasions and so on. Confronting my ignorance was a very humbling experience, yet I managed to get some diodes to blink at a specified time without burning fab lab down so I call it a success and I am already looking forward to our next class with Karol!

learning from the best!
little victory