3D modelling was one of the modules I was most excited about when I joined Make Woman course. Despite not being a complete newbie to 3D, I still had a lot to learn and this was a great opportunity to expand my skillset.

I remember my first struggles with AutoCad and Revit, many late nights spent on youtube, desperately trying to figure out functions necessary to complete my uni assignments. Solving the unsolvable. Rewatching same videos. Over and over again.

This time is a little easier. The interface looks familiar, the course is well-structured and teachers always ready to deal with any type of error notifications. We start with Fusion 360 and parametric modelling, learning all functions, step by step. Our first tasks are to recreate some simple, everyday objects. Below you can find examples of first models I made during the course.

late nights with Fusion 360 and prime Bordeaux
putting it all together
adding components and joints