One of recrutiment criteria for Maker Woman course was to present an idea for a project that can be completed during the course. I came up with a few ideas but decided to focus all my attention and efforts on developing bio based materials.

You may want to know where did this idea come from? My two year travels massively influenced the way I live, shop and look at products avaliable on the market. Getting by with a few items helped me to me realize that my happiness does not depend on the content of my backpack. Visiting places rundown by overtourism I felt responsible for the destruction caused by humans. I started reaserching where things I buy come from and what happenes with them at the end of shelf life. I don't want to contribute to materialistic culture, instead I want to ensure that things I create are functional, solve problems and leave minimal envirnmental footprint.  And here I am, spending my weekends on reaserching theories and recipes for bio based materials.

This weekend I was collecting and prepping inredients. I'd asked a few local cafes to keep used grounds for me. Some of them did, others forgot, but at the end I got enough grounds to get started. :) I also went searching for plants with high cellulose content and found some ginat stinging nettles.

The whole house smells like coffee...coffeelicious :)
Some giant nettles
Shower time!
My lil helper
tbc... :)